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Browse all the furniture and accessories from his online design project, exclusively for Home Room by Decorist.

Accent Chair with Ottoman
Wooden Table Lamp
Sectional Sofa
Coffee Table
Small Rustic Vase
Landscape Watercolor
Large Rice Paper Shade
Tribal Rug
Throw Pillow
Vintage Wooden Trough
White Marble Side Table
Outdoor Jute Rug
Candle Holder
Earth Tone Abstract Art
Coffee Table Books (set of 3)
Outdoor Dining Table
Boucle Ball Pillow
Selenite Object
Black Ceramic Vase
Plaster Pedestal Column
Primitive Wood Bowl
Outdoor Umbrella
Abstract Ceramic Vase
Black Abstract Art
Distressed Rustic Vases
Throw Blanket
Outdoor Umbrella Clip Light
Vintage Jug
Decorative Bowls (Set of 2)

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Jeremiah Brent

An artist from an early age, Jeremiah Brent taught himself how to design and build furniture. Expanding upon his technical skills, he parlayed his love of artistry and fashion into home decor and quickly gained notoriety in the interior design world. His "no rules" approach to California Modern style is inspired by the natural beauty of his home state and travels to the far reaches of the globe. We kicked off his residency with a conversation about his unique perspective on what makes home, home.

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